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IBC Recovery Cookout

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Islander by Choice will be hosting an "IBC recovery cookout" at the Nautical Antiques & Decor parking lot (621 23rd street - 23rd & Winnie) this Saturday, October 4th.  We will be cooking brisket and would like to invite all Islanders - business owners, residents, visitors, whomever - to come by for a visit to have a bite, a beer, share stories, recovery ideas, things we've learned that might help each other with the rebuilding process, etc...
We'll provide the brisket and if you'd like to have a plate, please bring a dish to share (chips, pie, rack of lamb - whatever!) so we can be sure to have enough for everyone. If you'd like a drink (adult beverages welcomed, scratch that - encouraged!), please bring it with you.
Looking forward to visiting with everyone and hopefully helping give a little boost of encouragement for all of us who have been - and will continue to be - Islanders by Choice.  See you there!

Seawall Drive - Post Ike

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Photos Added

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We're starting to upload photos to our Flickr account as we can. Right now since I'm the only one with the working laptop you all get to put up with me. We'll have more peoples pictures up soon though.

You can click on the image to the right for our photos or access them here.

Balinese Room - 9/11/2008

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The night before Ike hit, I went over to meet friends at the Prizer's to have some BBQ and talk about the upcoming storm. On the way I decided to stop on the seawall and get video of the waves and Balinese room. Not particularly for any reason at all, just because I had my video camera in the car and figured "why not."

The end of the video shows a guy riding his bicycle down the street. That one moment reminds me so much of what is so great about the island.

IBC Galveston - Balinese Room 9/11/2008 from Will Wright on Vimeo.

Boats Over Broadway

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The man living next door just walked out wearing khaki's, a nice blue shirt and penny loafers. Any other Wednesday morning and that wouldn't have been anything to notice. Today though...Today I'm sitting on the front porch of Mikie and Adrienne's house and the scene is, of course, anything but a normal Wednesday morning.

I had taken Highway 6 yesterday hoping to get around the majority of traffic that was on 45 and to also give me a better chance of getting on the island a day ahead of the Wednesday announced opening of the island. Thankfully both worked just as planned.

About 20 miles from Galveston I started to see the first signs of the damage. Trash. It was everywhere. Paint had peeled off of the Jack in the Box, billboards were torn apart and traffic lights were either completely gone or hanging, left inoperable. In areas of the country that get heavy amounts of snowfall, they install fence line that collects the snowdrifts and moves it away from highways, buildings, etc. Down here there's a tree line instead of the snow fence.

I had seen the pictures of boats over Broadway, building damage, etc. and although the majority of the boats and debris has been removed from entering Galveston, it's not entirely gone. A few boats still lay in the slow lane and there is plenty of debris still left. Streets are lined with trash heaps for those who have made it home (the majority of which have not) and the major population of the island are contractors and utility workers.

The trees and grass all around town are turning a dark brown. The effects of the seawater getting on the trees. It lends itself to a feeling of fall or early winter, but without the cool temperatures expected. It's a little disconcerting to view, kind of like mother natures pulling one over on us.

I'm staying with my very good friends here on the island and there's no where else I'd rather be. Driving up to their shop yesterday wasn't too terribly different than any other day. My friends were happy to see me and the feeling was definitely mutual. Jane plays with their dogs, we sit around and laugh and eat dinner together and enjoy each others company. Aside from the hum of generators and lack of utilities it's not all too far removed in principal from a night a few weeks ago when we all got together to do much of the same thing.

They let people back on the island this morning. Mikie's brother and I were talking last night and both felt people would be shocked when getting here. The media has put the word out to warn people that it's a far different place now, and I hope they've listened. There's no power, no gas, and the water isn't drinkable and I don't think that's going to change for while.

Today we go to my house to salvage / trash and then back to the shop to work on that. I have so many people asking me how things are, what's going on, etc. and I'll keep everyone updated on at least my perspective here. Comments and questions from the peanut gallery are always encouraged.

In closing I'll say this (and more of this theme will become apparent in the future I'm sure). I'm proud to call Galveston my home. I'm proud to be here and able to lend a helping hand to friends and the community and I look forward to challenges that come (aside from going in my house this morning, in no way am I looking forward to that).

Looks like a great resource of news from a Galveston reporter. You can follow her via her twitter site at

FEMA Listing of Texas Hotels

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We Don't Like IKE

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A very quick note to let you all know we are safe and sound. Culpeppers and Mondo's are currently together and I'm in Austin. We're all just waiting on whatever info we can get from the island. We'll post more as we hear it.

IBC Featured in The Parrot

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sept08.jpgMore great IBC press is out on the streets!

Be sure to pick up a copy of "The Gulf Coast's Favorite Newspaper" for a great write-up on Islander By Choice!

Visit The Parrot online at

septermber2008.jpgOur good friends at The Islander magazine were good enough to feature us in the latest issue of their magazine.

"Almost everyone has hometown pride, but if you're from Galveston, it doesn't just stop there. Galvestonians are known for the way they take hometown pride to another level. If you are born in Galveston, you are entitled to call yourself a "BOI" - Born On the Island.

Up till now, for those of us who were not lucky enough to be a "BOI" it's just been a term the locals used...but now, there's something just as good as being "BOI". It's being "IBC" - Islander By Choice."

Check out the full article online by clicking here. 
Will Wright was raised in the rough and tumble outlaw lands of West Texas (Canyon to be specific) and moved to Galveston in the summer of 2006. Aside from being completely unfamiliar with anything regarding large bodies of water, fishing or even possessing a proficient ability to swim (boy can he float though!) he none the less became attached to Galveston and all the uniqueness it entails and would sure hate to move off the island.

Will is the Creative Director and owner of Willthing, a graphic design and web site development company and spends his spare time thinking about all the work that needs to be finished on his Caddy, how Murphys can pay it's rent when he's out of town or what should be cooked on the grill on the coming weekend.

Random facts about Will that you may or may not be inclined to read:

1. Adrienne Culpepper sold Will his first Galveston house and through that became fast friends with the Culpeppers.

2. Thanks to the Culpeppers he then met Kevin and Lauren Scott and immediately decided to only refer to Kevin as "Mondo" from that point forward - this marks the first time in 2 years he's said Kevin's name. He has no idea why he picked the name "Mondo."

3. He still has his horse in Canyon and although he never rode it to school (he did have a friend ride his through the school one time) he does enjoy team roping when he has the chance.

Likes: Bandanas, FOOSBALL, classic cars, cooking, cold beer, naming everything he sees, music, taking pot shots at Neil's mom, good stories and you.

Dislikes: Not winning the weekly poker game, blown out flip flops and writing in the 3rd person.


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