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I lost a big piece of me this week.  Well, i lost a small piece of me.  Last thursday night, after much complaining to the Lady Culpepper and a call to one of our personal doctors (Katrina), we went to the hospital.  We get to the emergency room and they make me lay on a gurney that goes in and out of a doughnut that they refer to as the ct-scan machine while they pump me full of some drug that gives me hot flashes and make me feel like i'm peeing myself.  Fun.  Lets go back to the ER.

After a few hours of sleeping in the ER while pantamiming a pretzel, we were informed that I had an appendacitus append... my appendix was broken.  After they informed us that the only remedy was to rip the appendix from the binding of the book that is labeled M_F_CULPEPPER.  Here's about how the next conversation goes:



Doctors walking in on two pretzels sleeping: You have appendecitus.

Pretzel with problem:  Ok when do we need to come back?

Doctors: You don't need to we're going to operate right now.

Hot Pretzel:  You're going to take him right now?

Doctors: No, we're going to let you sleep like pretzels for another 8 hours and we'll operate on him in the morning.

Pretzel with problem:  Thanks so much.


In the recovery room, Adrienne came in to see me and said that the doctors said that everything went to plan.  After two days, a seizure, and a self inflicted enema, I was going home.  Now here i sit with time to blog and no excuse not to.

Oh yea and the missing piece we were told was cut up and sucked out of my body.  One less thing to donate to science I guess. 

Thank you honey for being my wife.



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One nice thing i noticed this year on new years eve, is that people can't wear those stupid glasses that have the eye holes as zeros (see 2000 - 2009).  I guess if the chinese factory produced them for 2010, they would have to be heavily marketed to people who only have vision out of her right eye.  For this blessing on the last day of 2009, I am thankful.

09 was a curious year in a lot of ways.  I lost my grandfather, a friend in Mr. Antonelli, and a little bird named Chipper.  The weird thing is that they were all strangely connected to each other.

The return of the Galveston Beach Revue featuring the Galveston Bathing Beauties Contest was a huge success.  It was great weather and the quality of the contestants and their vintage suits surprised everyone.  This event is going to be even bigger and better on May 15th 2010.

We have dealt with really getting to the nuts and bolts of recovery both personally and as a city.  Personally, Adrienne and I bought a new (1876 new!) building to house Nautical Antiques in February.  We placed our first orders for inventory since the storm in August and are hoping for a Grand Opening sometime early in 2010.

As a city, we have an idea (albeit only an idea) of the amount of funds that the federal government is allocating for Galveston and the surrounding area.  It is apparent that the bulk of the actual recovery and the allocation of these federal funds is coming up.  How these monies are spent will shape the future of this city for at least the lifespans of its current residents.  (Please don't forget to register and plan to vote in the May election as it will be the most important election our fine city has seen in some time)

As a whole I will give 2009 a C+ but to be fair, for Galvestonians especially, it was dealt a losing hand by 2008.

As for 2010 and how it is going to go...  Well so far so good.  Ginger and Popeye (our chocolate labs) celebrate their birthdays today and we plan on taking them for a walk.

How was your 2009?


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