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Black Friday...

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It's that time of year again folks.  Black Friday.  Get your IBC merchandise now, before we sell out. 

What better way to say "I love you," this Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever holiday festival you and yours celebrate.

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In case you can't read what the back of the shirt says, it goes like this:

Def: n.  One who becomes an inhabitant of Galveston Island with intention.
i.e.  No one told me to come; I'm here by choice.



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Get your work gloves on this weekend and make sure your house/business is cleaned out.  As of November 30th, the City will no longer be picking up storm debris.  So, if you've waited to the last minute to get your trash heap together, now's the time.  Thanksgiving is next week, and there's no sense in digging through trash when there's thanks to be given.

All piles of trash need to be placed at the curb in order for crews to easily attain acces to it.  They will not come onto your property to obtain trash.

Keep in mind, NEW construction debris is NOT allowed to be put out for haul off.  The home/business owner or the contractor performing the work is responsible for hauling it off.

Solutions. Not soapboxes.

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I just read an article from Texas Monthly about Galveston and Ike's aftermath.  The last line says that in the end, the sea will always win in Galveston.  That pisses me off.  The author of the piece is BOI and grew up here.  However, of course, he now lives elsewhere in Texas.  At the same time he relies on his sense of heartfelt abominations hiding behind his hysterical views of a place he used to call home.  In his case, maybe the ocean did win.  Maybe it rose up from its depth dwelling soul and captured his courage.  But I tell you this, Galveston needs not his kind.

Don't get me wrong.  His article triumphed in telling the story of the storm and the pitfalls of destruction along with the Island's leaders' abilities to overcome.  And he even tells of his own family's tie with the epitome of Galveston's existence - the 1900 Storm.  But one can tell he's lost his G-Town swagger.

Instead he attempts every reason why people should not inhabit the Island.  The same reasons he cites for not resurrecting Galveston are the very things that make the folks who chose and still choose to do so brave souls.  In all of his words about the Island's history and how it shapes the Island's psyche, he fails to realize that those of us committed to the Island do so to preserve and protect this very history.  Without the courage, grit, and passion of 1900 Storm survivors, the author would not only have lacked his childhood but this very romanticized drama of a magazine article.

We need solutions, not soapboxes.  However brave we may be, the author snatches up the heroism by his final line.  Almost an ultimatum against residents.  The sea does not win.  It has not won.  The sea may have taken things from our Island over the years, but it has not and will never take our one and only weapon against it.  Choice.

I would love to post a link to the article, but Texas Monthly's website won't let you read the whole thing.  So, if you're somewhere selling mags, pick one up and tell me how you feel about his words.

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