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wiv6ly.jpgIBC will be spending Sunday afternoon off the island but with the Galveston spirit alive and well at a benefit for the Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe. Come join us this coming Sunday (10/26) in Luckenbach, Texas and help support a true Galveston original.

For those that want to know more about the Old Quarter and owner Rex "Wrecks" Bell, click here.

In addition to a great lineup, there will be a silent auction, merchandise sales and we'll be selling our IBC shirt's as well with 25% of our sales going directly to the Old Quarter.

For more information click the above banner or click here.

If you are unable to attend the benefits you can send donations to :

Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe
413 20th St.
Galveston, TX
Or if you want to donate specific equipment this is what the club needs:

2 or 3 used fridges, an 8 channel PA, separate monitor & monitor speakers, 50 fixed leg padded chairs, 20 padded folding chairs,  a dozen or so bar stools with backs, carpentry work, plumbing work, a fake leather couch or two.
For more information, contact Ashley Kingsley at 307-752-5278 or

In addition to the above benefit, we'll be supporting upcoming Old Quarter benefits with more information to come.

Updated Photos

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FYI folks - we just uploaded more photos from IBC's Recovery Cookout!  Feel free to send us photos in your IBC shirt around the Island or even supporting the Island somewhere on the Mainland, and we'll be happy to post them. Click on the photos to your right and it will link to our Flickr account.

Good to be home

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It seems like in the aftermath of disastrous events, human nature has a way of being able to focus on the positives.  There are miraculous events, inspirational stories, and heroic people that emerge and help give us that extra nudge to move forward, persevere and rise above what can sometimes seem like the impossible.  Sometimes the heroic people don't even know they're the ones I'm talking about.

Since we've been in this, our East End home, I've dreamed of the day (it was always Christmas in my mind because I'm a bit of a freak about that holiday - always have been) when we'd have it finished (six years and counting and no end in sight!), each room full of family and friends, cold outside and warm inside, and everyone just being together - being family - related by blood or just friendship.  I realize now, that for the weeks immediately following Ike's departure, that dream was a reality.  It didn't look exactly the way I thought it would - the propane grill on the front porch with the 4 different types of canned food resting on top wasn't quite the formally dressed dining room table and turkey, the dirty work boots and socks strewn all over the steps didn't exactly give off the aroma of dessert in the oven, and playing the crazy card game Joe brought by flashlight and citronella candles on the floor wasn't really... well, that may have been pretty accurate.  But, the important parts were there - family, friends, and us.  And our little battered house did a pretty good job of holding us all in.

We have so many people to thank for their help.  Miles' mom for taking us and the hounds in when we evacuated, Beck's parents for always making room for us at the table, Mondo's parents for welcoming the Barnum & Bailey Circus of people and pets, the Mondos, Jeff and Klayre, Alicia (world's best information officer!), Teams Prizer and Torgerson (that of course includes Kacie who troopered a very fishy fridge outside that was NOT her own!), Vubang, Newbies, Clyde Wood, the Mo's, Willthing (who gets the award for moving the stinkiest of stinks out of the shop and sending all 3 Culpepper brothers into dry heaves), Stuart, David Gomez (perhaps the most efficient man in the universe with a power washer, next to Joe), and of course the support we got and are still getting from our family and friends out of town...

For me, the hardest thing to describe is how my opinion of family and brotherhood was completely and forever changed the week Mikie's brothers were here.  Dave flew up from South Florida to meet with Joe in North Carolina; they had the world's most well-prepared relief truck packed and waiting for the green light to come down and help us out.  They had a pretty good idea of what kind of job was ahead of them - an awful one.  But there was never any doubt in their minds about coming. Where Mikie and I were unsure and cautious, they were focused and poised.

I've never known what it is like to have siblings like that.  I've always envied my friend's relationships with their brothers and wondered what it must be like to share that great friendship that is strengthened by a bond so deep that no fight, no misunderstanding could ever break.  Now I know.  I know I've had to wait all my life to find out what that felt like because otherwise I may have taken it for granted.  I don't think Mikie and I will ever be able to tell our brothers how much they did for us.  They'll for sure never know what it has meant to me....

We have an awful lot to be grateful for.  And we are.  It's good to be home.
FYI folks and please pass this along via word-of-mouth for the many who still do not have Internet access.

Galveston Historical Foundation (GHF) and the City of Galveston are holding a meeting for neighborhoods this Wed., Oct. 15 at Garten Verein (27th & O) at 5:30pm.  Information targets historic property owners and covers frequently asked questions regarding recovery post-Hurricane Ike including remediation and historic property restoration.  Staff members from the City of Galveston's Planning Department will be present.

Hope to see you there and again, please share this information among neighbors and friends.

Kids Who Ain't Got None...

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There was a moment the day after the storm screamed through Galveston that I heard this song.  You see the title above, the singer/songwriter is Chris Robinson, formerly of the Black Crowes.  This song played from my ipod in my truck as Lauren and I drove to a neighboring town from where we originally tried to ride out the storm.  We had lost power and needed exposure to Ike and his aftermath.  So.  We rode down the highway.  Ike's clouds hung like iron pistons in the sky and pelted us with rain bursts similar to a water sprinkler.  He toyed with me.  Ike played my emotions like a good song.  I cried my eyes out.  Holding Lauren's hand like if I let go she might die.  Or I might die.  You see, the lyrics of this particular song touched me in a way lyrics have not done so in a long, long time.  It amazed me how this song could have been written about the Ike experience.

At this point in our journey, Lauren and I did not know how our house faired.  We weren't sure whether or not we'd lost everything or nothing at all.  It felt like waiting to find out if a loved one made it through a life threatening surgery.  Tears dripped from my eyes like spiders dangling from their webs.  The tears were a tremendous release.  But they didn't want to expose me for what I felt, what I was at the moment.  Terrified.  Yet completely stoic inside of a song.

Lauren matched my moment in the truck and together we grieved.  We grieved for ourselves.  For our friends.  For our Island.

We rambled further down the road and dried our eyes.  I found myself giggling at the moment.  Perhaps a defense mechanism.  Lying to yourself works sometimes.

Thanks again for sitting through another post-Ike ramble... Stay tuned.

Go to to check out the lyrics.

Post-BBQ Thanks

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In all the rush to make sure we had our ducks in a row last week, we forgot to mention one very important sponsor, a sponsor that without who, only 4 briskets could have been cooked instead of the delicious 17 we did last weekend.

Brian and Kristen Etheridge of Ocean Oso's on Stewart Beach generously donated their infamous cooker for the weekends festivities. Many thanks go to them as well as all our great sponsors, supporters and friends for such a great day!

Pictures of the event are available here.


Hi everyone.  We have some updates on tomorrow's IBC Recovery Cookout.  We want to recognize and thank our co-sponsors for this Island event:  Mod Coffee & Tea House for their generous support by providing brisket, WillThing LLC for bringing Galveston's Brandon McDermott Band, and Kroger's Grocery Store for donating supplies like paper plates, plastic utensils etc.  Also we would like to thank for their support by posting information about this event on their website.

We hope to see all of you there.  We truly appreciate all of the emails we've received from locals and Galveston supporters from across Texas and the United States.  For those of you making the trip to the Island to help - a big thank you to you too!

One more item:  New IBC shirts will be available tomorrow at the cookout.  25% of all proceeds will go to the Historic Downtown Galveston Partnership to support the recovery and revitalization of downtown Galveston.  The original IBC decal will also be available with purchase of a t-shirt and a new decal will be available also.

Again, thank you to all Islanders and those who love the Island for what you are doing to recover and rebuild our community.  See you tomorrow!

IBC Recovery Cookout at Nautical Antiques & Decor (corner of 23rd/Tremont St. & Winnie) beginning at 3pm on Saturday, Oct. 4.


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