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First up: the hard facts (courtesy of Farmer John's fiance Katie)

Farmer John Ray's banjo was stolen several weeks ago. To replace the beloved banjo, we are having a Benefit Show next Wednesday at the Old Quarter. If you have enjoyed his music over the past 4 years, please come out and show your support!

Broken Spoke's last show with John Ray, plus the musical stylings of Kristy Mitchell Wednesday, May 27th,  9 - 12pm Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe, 20th and Post Office

Now onto the story behind the story...

John Ray and Katie were neighbors of mine a few years back when I lived on 10th and Ball. They both lived in the houses 2 and 3 doors down from me and after some missed BBQ invites they soon became regulars at my Sunday Supper Clubs and I at their great big backyard BBQ's.

Aside from John Ray's departure for his residency, and that of some other very dear friends over the next few weeks, it also marks his last show as a part of one of my favorite local bands, Broken Spoke.

For anyone that has spent any time around me at all, my love for music shouldn't be a shock to anyone. Broken Spoke's music has always struck me as unique and well placed. Their original songs are well crafted and cover songs always appropriate. I'm sure the fact that they play the Old Quarter with frequency doesn't hurt. Nor does Kevin, Clark and John Ray's great knowledge of music. Also of note is a guest appearance by Kristy Mitchell (aside from being a salty poker player, she is a very talented musician in her own right).

I run into a lot of people that have yet to experience the Old Quarter and although that could (and should) be a post on it's own, you can get a little taste for it over at the Houston Press.

For anyone with the free time (and please also note the other reason for this concert - the replacement of John Ray's stolen banjo) I encourage you all to come out and join us for a night of great LOCAL music and all around good causes.
"In a parade of beehive hair-dos, demure, frilly one-pieces and coquettishly-brandished parasols, and catcalls of "hubba-hubba" and "va-va-va-voom," the ghosts of Bettie Page and Galveston's glorious past were brought back to life Saturday. After a 77-year absence, the Galveston Bathing Beauty Contest, a.k.a. "the pageant of pulchritude," returned to the seaside. Yours truly bit the bullet and signed up to serve as a judge." - John Nova Lomax

Click here to read one of our celebrity judge's review of our Bathing Beauties contest!
"In pin curls, polka dots, leopard prints and knee socks, the bathing beauties of the 1920s resurfaced Saturday to parade their style and reinstate a long-ago beach tradition." - Galveston Daily News

Swing by the Galveston Daily News for their feature on this past weekends Bathing Beauties Contest!

View entire story online here.

IBC is tweeting!

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Far be it for us not to join the cause - we've signed up our own fancy little twitter feed and will be tweeting live from the Bathing Beauties contest tomorrow! Follow us at

Also, Mondo and I just picked up the custom designed beach cruiser for the silent auction tomorrow and it's unbelievable. Everyone coming out tomorrow is in for a real treat. We've got two great emcee's, PHENOMENAL (that's for you fellow IBC'ers) auction items and best of all, a great roster of people ready to come have a great time with us.

See you tomorrow everyone, let's kick summer off in true Galveston style!

EDIT: I couldn't leave you all without a little sneak peak!

podcast.gifFor those that missed it a few weeks ago, our good friends at 1540 KGBC just sent us over a copy of our IBC Radio Hour for your listening enjoyment.

No word if they gave us the only copy in hopes of it not returning. We're optimistic that's not the case though.

All in all thought, we each had a great time getting to do something that none of us have had the chance to do and hope you all enjoyed it (or for those new ones listening that you enjoy your first listen).

We've talked about returning to the airwaves again soon for another installment, our question to our faithful followers, should we?

Click here to launch the player and be sure to tune into 1540 KGBC on your radio dial.


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