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On November 9th, Michael and I headed for Houston's Intergalactic Airport.  The plan was 3 countries in 3 weeks.  The goals: find some more stuff for the shop, experience different cultures and see more of the world, and try not to get sick.  Missions accomplished.  And then some... 

We tried to document every moment of this trip for 2 reasons - first, we have to be really specific when we place orders for the shop for ship salvage and other items we find along the way because if we're not, we'll end up getting sent a 40' shipping container full of widgets.  Don't know what a widget is?  Neither do we - that's why we have to be specific - sizes, pictures, drawings are a must - and sometimes we still get random crap in the shipment.  And second, my brain just isn't wired the same way any more - if I don't write stuff down or take a picture, chances are it won't be there when I go looking for it a few days later.  When we're sitting around in 50 years with nothing to do, I'd like to be able to look back and say "remember when we did that?".  So I must document.

And I'd like to invite anyone who has nothing better to do to relive it with me here as we chronicle our journey around the world - literally.  And you won't even need to apply for the visas!

Day 1:

I like to check the site more often that I'd like to admit.  I think that must be why facebook is so popular - I must not be the only person that gets so bored that I want to see what someone else is up to at 4:30 on a Friday.  (I'd usually call poor Mikie for the umpteenth time while he's "showing" in Kemah, but luckily for him, his secondhand ebay cell phone with "minor wear and tear" (yeah, maybe for a WWF fighter) is on it's last bar and he's gotta save it so I can't check in minutely.)   

Well, I was reading Mondo's previous post and just thought it was funny and sorta spot-on the way our last 2 posts went.  I mean - I'm yaking about how great the beach is, blah blah blah and poor Mondo's writing about that guy (who I also saw at the bike rally wearing a camo coverall and skull cap and I felt pretty sure that the behavior he exibited at ARToberFEST wouldn't result in the same chivalry he was shown by the man of the hour, MOD protector and published author Ara 13) who needs waaay more than soup, by the way, and- just then, a lady walks into the shop, takes a good, long look around at all the NAUTICAL STUFF and turns and loudly asks "WHEREZZZ THA BARRR?". 

And just like that I realize "that is soooo Galveston".

Hey, does anyone else really think the world is going to end in 2012?  What have the Mayans been wrong about lately?  I'd like to have my mind put at ease. 

Beach in November

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Michael and I took the hounds over to East Beach for a little jaunt again this morning and it is just crazy to me that, here it is - NOVEMBER - and we're walking on the beach, with our feet in the water - in tee shirts. 

This is truly an amazing place to live.

Pick your poison

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Michael and I just put the following into our stomachs.  We are sorta wondering why after reading the side effect list...

MEFLOQUINE 250 MG patient education pamphlet (anti-malaria medication)

POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS: SIDE EFFECTS, that may go away during treatment, include stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, stomach pain, fever, hair loss (um...what?), ringing in the ears, dizziness (yeah, I'm starting to get some of this), drowsiness, diarrhea (and there's your big boy), insomnia, strange dreams (alright which is it - will we sleep or not?), or lightheadedness.  If they continue or are bothersome (I'm sorry, "bothersome"?  Ingrown hairs are bothersome - strange noises in our attic are bothersome - this is just scary!), check with your doctor.  CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY (you don't say???) if you experience fast, slow, or irregular heartbeat; seizures; severe or persistent cough; shortness of breath; muscle pain; loss of coordination; numbness; and tingling of hands or feet; or vision changes.  CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY if you experience unexplained anxiety (havin some right. now.), mood changes, depression that may include thoughts of hurting yourself (how could we when it sounds like this pill is pretty much gonna finish us off all by itself), hallucinations, restlessness, or confusion. 

Confusion?  CONFUSION?!  I'm very confused as to what's actually left that this pill is going to help us AVOID!



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