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Hint #1: This is not a parting shot from the Endeavour of the International Space Station.  It's right here on our beautiful Island... It's somewhere here...  Any ideas?



Blast!  There is a list of reasons why it sometimes stinks to work on the weekends - especially on an Island where fun, unique events are a common occurance... That and the fact that weekend days are often enjoyed pool - or beach - side with a frosty beverage in hand; which I've found to be a widely frowned upon thing to have in hand while at work... 

"Clean Galveston's" annual Back Garden Tour is another.  We have yet to be able to attend this fantastic event but continue to hear rave reviews from even the blackest-thumbed attendees (or whatever color is the true opposite of green).  Translation: you don't have to be a master gardener to enjoy the beauty and visual appeal of a well designed, executed and manicured backyard.  Plus, flowers are pretty.

The gist is this: tickets can be purchased in advance for $7 bucks.  They're $10 the day of and the hours are: Saturday June 4th from 10am-5pm and Sunday June 5th from 12 noon to 5pm.  (No after-hours backyard lurking, please -- unless you've been personally invited by the owner!)

There are 8 private backyard gardens on tour this year and you can purchase tickets at a number of locations.  Tickets are available for purchase online at and at as well as area businesses including Tom's Thumb Nursery (2014 45th), Speedy's Printing (715 24th), Eiband's (2201 Postoffice), J Bangle's Silk Stocking Gallery (1124 25th) or the Galveston Wreath Co (1515 19th).

So get out there and enjoy how clean our Island is - maybe with a bit of sunblock too... Sheesh who turned the heat up the past few days?! 

**Rain dates are the following week, June 11th & 12th - just in case... 

Just a quick general invitation to the upcoming Memorial Day Ceremony that will be held at Seawolf Park (51st Street bridge towards TAMUG/Pelican Island, take it to the very end of the road, and you're there!) on Monday, May 30th at 11am.

FREE ADMISSION and PARKING folks - can't beat that!  From 10:30-11:30am.

They'll have a few speakers from various military branches, "Tolling of the Bell" and "Laying of the Wreath". 

Sounds like a nice thing to attend on a very important day...

(PS. Check out the Cavalla while you're over there!)

I'm sorry, that is simply not an excuse ladies and gentlemen! IBC wants YOU - all of you - yeah you too looking over the shoulder there - to enter the Galveston Island Beach Revue Bathing Beauties Contest!

There are so many ways to get a smashing outfit:

1.  The Internet.  You may have heard of it - invented by Al Gore, perfected by Chuck Norris, tainted by Snooki.  So go to Ebay, Etsy, and the entire list here that are for sale online:

2.  Get out a rolling pin and the flour: we're making our own suits! (I'm obviously not a seamstress) Same link, see "patterns"
(also, we met the folks over at Galveston Island Costumes yesterday who mentioned t
hat, if they have the right fabric on hand, can turn around a custom swimsuit in 2 weeks!)

3. Raid your grandma's closet.  Just check.  Please leave her arthritis shoes, though - she needs them!

4.  Go shopping!  Galveston has so many antique stores and many of them do occasionally get swimwear in, so go check it out!  Also, the Houston area (Montrose and the like) have some great vintage stores (Buffalo Exchange, Retropolis, Re-Play, etc) so just do a quick online search and get started!

5.  Borrow one!  Ask any former contestant and he or she will be able to share their stories of shopping, we can assure you!  PS.  IBC has a small cache of a few vintage suits that we are willing to loan out in moments of catastrophic-swimsuit-tailoring-disasters or just out of sheer desperation.  Don't forget - the judges are brand new each year, so just because a suit's been worn at the Revue in the past doesn't mean it doesn't have a chance to shine on you in the winners circle!

So get out there people - there are only 15 days left til the Revue!  Happy hunting!

There's a lot going on this weekend - it's the first weekend of GHF's Historic Homes Tour, Mother's Day is Sunday, and on Saturday there's the Trinity Episcopal School's Annual Crawfish Boil.  The Crawfish Boil is at 7pm on May 7th and is $35 bucks a head.  You can find it at 7822 Channelview Drive.

There's also a 1K and 5K Fun Run Saturday morning starting at Trinity (23rd & Winnie) at 7am and you can pickup packets thru Friday (tomorrow) at Fit To Run, 528 23rd Street.  (If you haven't stopped by to see Kimberly and Steve's new larger and fantastic retail space, please do - it's great and they are stocked full of great running gear, accessories and eats: everything that's "Fit to Eat"!)  For more info, call the Race hotline at 409-765-9391 ext 117.

Happy touring, running, eating, and mothering this weekend! ;)

I posted this "Where am I" to the IBC Facebook page and now that it's been guessed correctly(!) I wanted to chat a bit more about the place in particular. 

DP1.JPGI have to say that when a friend told us about the existence of an actual dog park in Galveston we were skeptical.  It took us a few months to be able to go hunt it down, but sure enough - there it is over near the Galveston Yacht Basin, Port Aux Prince condos, and/or auxiliary UTMB soccer/ultimate frisbee/any-other-fun-sport-on-a-beautiful-day field, depending on who you're talking to.  But it's there.  North of Harborside Drive on 6th Street.

And I will admit this is my first experience with a real dog park.  I LOVE the way this thing is designed - it completely takes into account some of the bound-to-occur skirmishes that are naturally sure to exist at a dog park since, like humans, our canine friends each has a unique personality all their own.  And, like we humans, I'm sure the dizzles appreciate the small "neutral zone" that allows them to start the sniffing and acclimation process while getting safely untethered to us bothersome humans.

Here's how it works:

Step 1.  Take your leashed dogs into the first gated, fenced 10x10-ish area.

Step 2: Close the entry gate behind all of you so your "pack" is contained inside the small fenced area.

Step 3: Unleash your babies.  Don't worry - you're inside a fence so they can't run off, and the other dogs at the dog park are safely on the other side of the 2nd gate, already inside the park.

Step 4: Open the 2nd gate into the park and whoooosh- watch your dogs disappear in a flash of whatever-color-their-fur-is as they tear around in glee smelling, sniffing, doing whatever to their little hearts' content!

What's also cool:

1.  It's totally fenced:  No escapes as long as the 2 gate system is adhered to.

2.  There's a bowl, hose and water hooked up for when they get thirsty.  They WILL get thirsty - they're running fools out there!

3.  There's one of those Poo-bag-dispensers there, just in case you forgot to bring your own poo bag.  And a trash can - novel idea, huh?!

4.  There are plenty of trees for shade and a few nice picnic tables for us humans to sit and watch our furry kiddos at play.

5.  It's free and an open-to-the-public community dog park.  It belongs to all of Galveston - dogs, humans and I suspect the occasional unknowing squirrel who has no idea what he's just wandered into...

Leash up, Galveston!


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