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It's here - the 2009 Lone Star Rally in G-town!  As of this time, 10:30am, I can tell you that my somach has not yet begun to shake, the buildings are not yet rattling, but these people are ready to roll.  22nd to strand.jpgThe vendors are set up and ready to hock their wares.  Wares - and horribly delicious, terrible-for-your-body, "I won't fit in my Santa Claus (for crying out loud!) halloween outfit" eats such as "Texas-sixed" funnel cakes. Seriously, people - they are right outside our door:  Luckily I can't smell it yet.

funnel cakes.jpgThis is the first time Michael and I have been this close to the action while at work.  The first year of the bike rally we remember being loud and fun and new as all the bikes sped past the old shop on 23rd and although we didn't do much business, it sure was fun to watch and we knew it was great for the Island.  After that, for whatever reasons, we missed the bike rally every single year - not becuase we wanted to, just crazy scheduling conflicts I guess...  Then after Hurricane Ike, we were still chest-deep in the recovery effort -  in December the bike rally decided "the show must go on" so we got to be here for that and, if you remember, the sight of all the people on Strand was quite a welcomed one.

Now we're on the cusp - of the edge  - of being in the middle - of the action.  One side of our corner at 22nd and Mechanic is closed to traffic and is vendors-only and the Mechanic-street side is for parking.  Across the street is command center, otherwise known as where all the cops - and paddywagon - hang out.   command center.jpg(Try not to visit this particular area of the festival if you can help it) 

So, we're ready to enjoy this firsthand - from the dark, poorly-lit comfort of our little corner of the Strand-Mechanic world. 

The weather is beautiful - hope everyone can come check it out!

PS. Motorcycles NOT required - you don't have to be a biker to join the fun!

Whoever's near the tube at 9am this morning should check out KHOU's Great Day Houston (channel 11) - Mikie might be making an appearance to help promote the upcoming antiques fair/trade show in Kemah, "Antiques by the Bay". (thursday, november 5-sunday november 8th)


Burr.  What gives?  We just left this weather up north!  For the past few days, we've been frolicking around the small town where Mikie grew up - Franklin, North Carolina.  LOTS of leaf-lookers piled onto the 2 lane mountain roads of Appalachia but man, was it was beautiful. 

The main purpose of our trip was to be at our brother's wedding.  (Please don't misinterpret - Michael and I are not related...  Yes, I realize he's from the mountains, and yes, I realize that the movie Deliverance was filmed just a few miles away from his hometown across the Georgia border, but I promise inbreeding is not something we're into!  Technically, Dave is Mikie's brother, but I will forever claim ownership to both of his bro's... because I can.)

We got to meet Dave and Charlotte's first born and, if I do say so myself, the kid is just adorable:


As many times as we've visited Franklin, we'd not yet done the #1 tourist thing to do: mine for rubies!

As hokie as it might sound, for some reason when you sit down with your straining trough, pour out some dirt (yes, people - us included - actually pay for the authentic mountain dirt!), roll up your sleeves and see the first shiny thing sitting there amid all the mud, man is it easy to get gold fever. 

Well, I found a lot of shiny stuff.  Unfortunately for me, it was mica which may as well be for-mica because it's worth about as much: squat.  Mikie found a pretty decent sized ruby and I did end up finding a real Indian arrowhead, so that was pretty cool.
ruby mining a.jpg ruby mining m.jpgAt the church that Dave found for his wedding, there is no power.  There's no plumbing either.  In fact, the church hasn't even been used in years, but some members of the community had done some upkeep that kept it in decent shape.  Yes, there was a wasp's nest, yes there were lady bugs EVERYWHERE and yes, there had been a mouse nest in the little ancient piano which made the keys stick, but hey - we were in nature!  And there was a piano!  And a bell tower! 
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for outhouse.jpg
And an outhouse!  Which we put to the test and are happy to report, it seemed to work just as an outhouse is intended to work.

The church was beautiful.  Imagine a much-less-traveled country road and set back just a little, a tiny (think 30x20 here, folks) old white clapboard box - and there you go.




Really, what more do you need? 

Congratulations Dave and Charlotte! 

Good stuff

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No, you're not at the bar at 11:30pm sitting next to an ornery Will. (Although, if you got this reference, it is kinda funny isn't it.)  I'm talking about much less fun shots - except for Jagerbombs of course - those vile things may as well fall into the same category as needle shots...

Today we visited the "travel clinic" at UTMB in preparation for our upcoming trip to India and got our "SHOTS!".  True to modern efforts at being "p.c.", that's the name ("travel clinic") they use even though the sign on the 7th floor clearly states where we are actually going: "Infectious Diseases".  And it even indicated directions: take a rubella turn around the corner, continue through the first typhoid fever and it'll be on your immediate leprosy.

For the price of a "Ritz Sidecar", we have now been vaccinated for the flu, typhoid, hepatitis-A, and DPT (which actually is a combo vaccine for diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus - holy cow the value!!!). 

At least we didn't have to pay for the airfare to the Bar Hemingway in Paris for our cocktail of shots.



Cold front???

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Before we hit the sack last night Mikie told me we were expecting a cold front today.  I'll admit a bit of doubt as I performed my nightly poisonous ritual of spraying down any and all exposed skin with mosquito spray (yet those little b***s still get me in the most annoying places - on the knuckles, between toes, on an eyelid for crying out loud?!?!?  How much blood is really in one's eyelid???), standing in front of the fan to dry faster, and hopping into a coverless bed which is the target of 3 different streams of machine-generated air.  Only to be cuddled up to by our thickly-coated lab Popeye.  (I will gladly endure the insane discomfort that is formed between her 100+ degree body heat and my 98.6 degree leg because she is freaking adorable.  And soft.  And when it reaches 15 degrees INSIDE our house, which I know it will because it happens every winter and we can see our own breath, we will be clamoring to get near our 2 little canine ovens.)

And here it is 11:45am.  We've had a brief showering of rain but it's still not in the 70s...  The Weather Channel says today's high and low are 87 and 65 and predicts tomorrow to be 72 and 69....  I'm looking forward to that 72 I tell you.  Please come soon.   


I like to read when words are accompanied by pictures - I know, I know that pretty much outs my limited literary knowledge (although I did read Jane Eyre and The Old Man and the Sea this week in Round Top since we had no internet or iphones and the only games we could play were the ones Mikie found while roaming the market which meant we were playing stuff that was either a) 50+ years old and that nobody's ever heard of or b) it was just a really stupid game that never caught on, hence the $3 price tag at an antique fair), but I'm just saying that I wish I had my camera with me the past 12 days so I could share some of the highlights....

We left for the show 12 days ago.  First, we thought we'd just take the truck and trailer.  Then we put on our logistic hats and realized that it is a single cab.  And we have 2 dogs.  Big dogs.  Who may or may not get gassy on car trips.  We finally wised up and figured we'd take the car as well and just caravan.   (insert non-existent picture here of the absolute desecration of our vehicle including solid, caked MUD (hello, it monsooned 3 days while we were up there - including the day of arrival and unpacking as well as the day of leaving and repacking - JOY!) EVERYWHERE, gazillions of tiny little broken pieces of sea fans squished into any crevice of any seat, switch or console from Popeye continuously trying to sneak into the front seat, where said sea fans were "safely" sitting, and STOMPED THEM TO BITS, and piles of our cast-off soaked clothing, socks and tennis shoes wherever we could find a spot to put 'em.

Next, sleeping arrangements...  Since we decided we'd go set up at this show at the last minute, like 4 days before leaving which for this show is super last minute considering people plan 6 months in advance to go, we knew there'd be no hotel space - and certainly none that would take 2 dogs.  "Let's just camp out, babe - it'll be fun!" I said.  Oh, you silly SILLY girl.  (insert non-existent picture here of our 7x7 3-person tent - it clearly states no more than 3 persons should occupy this tent!  Inside that tent let's put 2 full-grown people, 2 full-grown muddy dogs, which then translates into 2 full-grown muddy people, and then add to it the fact that our tent site was inside our actual "booth" which is nothing more than a slightly larger 16x16 circus tent with drop-down walls in the front and back.  And, we have neighbors - sleeping on both sides in their respective "booths".  And one of them SNORES.  Like he is being suffocated by a herd of stampeding buffalo that are also snoring whilst stampeding.  Oh yeah, and they leave the lights on.  All night long.  The lights are spliced into the wire so it's not like there's a switch you can hit when it's night-night time - they stay on all. night. long.  Which is a bit of an issue for Popeye who judges when she needs to use the potty and when it's time to get up and bark for food - by the sun.  When it's always bright, the result is the poor thing waking us up at 11pm, 2am, 4am and finally 7am when it's actually time to get up.

Of course, pictures of the Junk Gypsy prom would have been nice - I tried to update via twitter from my non-smart phone of the group of Elvis-es (or Elvi??), the many sequined ladies and gents, and the guy wearing only boxers and suspenders, but it just isn't the same.

And I would (had I one) include a picture of our heavily burdened trailer that sat sadly lopsided for a day and a half while we waited for Monday morning for the trailer repair place to open up (Take3 in Brenham we thank you!).  Just imagine a very large, sad, drunk man with only 1 leg dressed all in white holding many, many packages - slumped against a street sign after a hard night of drinking.  There you go - we're on the same page now. 

But, the fact is that I have no pictures to share of our adventure, so I'll have to make do with lots of run on sentences.  The good news is that we met lots of folks who didn't know we were in G-town and made friends with our neighboring merchants (check out for these cool lazy susans made from retired wine barrels). (And thanks to Mark Johnson of Rockwall - without his help we might still be stuck in the mud at Zapp Hall field!)  and we are home. 

And happy to be here. 

I don't have a picture of that either - you'll just have to take my word for it. :)

Press Release from the City re: our historic Oaks along Broadway being cut down as a result of Ike's salty surge:

City of Galveston officials are pleased to announce that artists, woodworkers, and the general public can now retrieve pieces of trees removed from Broadway Boulevard for free.  Last fall, Ike covered most of the Island in a salty tidal surge that led to the demise of thousands of trees.  Crews began cutting dead and dying trees along the Island 's historic thoroughfare early this morning.  

 LOCATION:  ยง         600 51st Street , Galveston , TX


      • This location is not manned by City personnel.
      • Wood will not be cut to specification.
      • Wood has not been treated; take at your own risk.
      • First come, first serve.
      • Crews will place one load of wood at a time on the site.  As the pile diminishes, it will be replenished.  
      • No illegal dumping.


And, here's something pretty cool - many of the trees are heading to Mystic, Connecticut to be used in the restoration of the Charles W. Morgan, a U.S. whaleship used during the 19th and early 20th century, and the last wooden whaleship in the world!


Now that's recycling!


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