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You know the awful feeling you get when you wake up suddenly, remembering "Oh my gosh.  I left my car parked downtown last night" (ahem, for whatever reason, pink-raincoat-wearing cowgirls at Molly's included...) and it's already way past that special time in the morning that the parking ticketers have done a clean sweep along Postoffice Street leaving a trail of those horrible bright green little envelopes in their wake??  Well, since Ike hit nearly a year ago, we've become quite complacent NOT having to worry about getting ticketed as the parking meters all "ate it" in the flood and paid parking on the streets hasn't been enforced. 

The free-for-all style parking system we've been enduring these past 10 months has had its ups and downs.  Yes, it's fantastic to park for free - and not worry about getting ticketed.  BUT, as much as I disliked getting ticketed or having to pay to park, I realize, especially now, that the need for a parking system - whatever that might be - is obvious.

Folks that work downtown, live downtown, operate businesses downtown, and visit downtown are all vying for the same parking spots, and for some folks, once gotten, spaces are often un-relinquished for up to 8 hours or more.

Well, city council has voted and the new meters are coming...  The Downtown Galveston Strand Seaport Partnership expects them to be installed downtown within the next 6-8 weeks - the GDN expects that it could take "several months".  Don't hold your breath though - you know how these things tend to go - everyone spell with me: D-E-L-A-Y.  AMPCO is the new company who'll be installing, maintaining and whatever else-ing the new meters and it'd be up to them and the City whenever the meters actually go in...

Although I was under the impression that the downtown might have access to free Wi-Fi with these meters, the GDN reported today that they will not.  That stinks - let's hope that's inaccurate.

Beware; they say paid parking will also be enforced on Sundays...

What is the appropriate alert level color for an unaccompanied, seemingly abandoned (don't worry, Vu the fishies weren't abandoned - they were given a good home inside bellies!) cooler of random fish tails hangin' out in front of our favorite Galveston watering hole? 

IMG_7117.JPGEh, they 'aint botherin anyone - let's take a picture!!!!  You just never know what adventure you'll encounter on Sailing Saturdays on the Island.  Hey Neil - Pat Benetar wants her headband back whenever you're done with it. 



We used to keep a wooden bowl at the shop that we'd throw our loose change in.  The thing was pretty big - about the equivalent of one of those wooden salad bowls that you pair with the oddly large wooden fork and spoon.  On a slow day near the end of August 2008, Michael decided he'd take the time to roll the coins in their appropriate coin sleeves and take 'em over to the bank to exchange for "real money".  

Whoa is change filthy.  His hands were brown after rolling all those things, but the accomplishment was obvious - there was a great, organized pile of the different sized rolls of coins, all ready to go.  There must have been over $100 bucks in there.  Well, as it turned out, we somehow got sidetracked time after time from bringing those rolls to the bank.  Then came IKE. 

As you might imagine, the change was pretty much forgotten as we surveyed the damage and tried to separate our worldly possessions from the salty, slimy, poo-filled sludge that covered them and blanketed the Island.  BUT, we did think enough to dump the bowl of nicely rolled coins into a bucket of fresh water with some bleach ('cause there was plenty of THAT on hand - bleach went on everything in those days - "is it green?  bleach it!"...  "does it stink? bleach it!"...  "has this been bleached yet?  i don't know - better bleach it!"...) and there it sat.

So....  That was in September.  What month are we in now - August right?  Okay, so after their 11 month soak, here's what they looked like:

Thumbnail image for IMG_7072.JPGLet me just say Michael and I were thoroughly impressed with the ability of the 6th Street Arlan's Market coinstar machine.  Not only did it not bat an eye to the crusty-coated change, it also managed to work efficiently despite the screw, lone button and rubber band that some thoughtful patron had left in the centrifuge before us.  AND, it was kind enough to spit back one of our unidentifiable Sacagawea dollars!

Look at how much fun my man was having - and check out that bargain on bagged ice:


Thanks to this weekend's Krewe of Thalasar shenanigans, we'll be welcoming back the prodigal son, Robert Paterno to the Island.  Paterno was behind putting together the very first HUMAN CHECKERS game, played back in 2007 at Saengerfest Park on 23rd and Strand.  It was quite a scene.  The whole spectacle drew a large crowd and it was a blast.

IBC would like to welcome EVERYONE out to Saengerfest Park again this Friday evening at 6:15pm for the 2nd run of HUMAN CHECKERS!  Please come wearing your choice of red or black shirt and we'll figure out teams when we get there.

Don't forget that Saengerfest Park is beverage-friendly, so feel free to bring a cooler of refreshments if you'd like!  (Battle is hot, my friends) 

**After human checkers, we will follow up with an official IBC HAPPY HOUR, so don't miss it!  Come out, have fun and enjoy Galveston's beautiful downtown with us!**

Although I'm thrilled that we finally got some rain here on the Island Saturday night/Sunday morning (Popeye and Ginger were super excited to see their plastic doggie pool filled with fresh, cool rain water Sunday morning and hopped right in, then ran around the house dripping everywhere... as they do...), it was not a pleasant surprise to enter the (new) shop to find our desk (which was actually an Ike survivor that was generously given to us by Kristy Mitchell - how's Seattle treating you, Doctor?!) COMPLETELY inundated with water.  Stinky water at that.

The lesson here is that, when nearing desperate drought conditions, schedule roof repairs.  I can guarantee that the rain will come - but only once your roof is opened to the world.


<<UPDATE (AUGUST 11, 2009): The City of Galveston has lifted the TCEQ required Boil Water Notice for all areas on Galveston Island west of 81st Street, including Treasure Island in Brazoria County.  City officials are instructing area residents and business owners to flush their own water lines by turning on indoor and outdoor faucets, both hot and cold taps, and allowing water to run for several minutes.  Similarly, citizens are advised to discard several trays of ice cubes from automatic icemakers.>>

According to this morning's city press release, an electrical fire that broke out at the airport pump station in the wee hours of the morning is to blame for "significant damage to the electrical circuit" that powers the water service facility to the Island, west of 81st Street.  City officials believe the fire started as a result of latent Hurricane Ike damage

Although (as of 5pm today) water service had been restored to the west end, all areas west of 81st Street are STILL on a boil water notice (for drinking and cooking).  Once the City has sampled and tested the water in accordance with TCEQ regulations, the notice should be lifted. 

At that time, residents and business owners will need to flush their own lines by turning on indoor and outdoor faucets, both hot and cold taps, and allowing water to run for several minutes.  

Stay tuned for updates about the boil notice being lifted...  

d) all of the above.

Although some of us might remember the "snarfs" from the Thundercats in the 80s, wikipedia suggests "snarfing" is information theft in wireless networks.  My personal favorite take on "snarfing", however is Jim Troutman's version: being dragged behind a boat - on a surfboard-  in Galveston Bay.
adrienne snarfing

mikie snarfing trout snarf

Above left: Adrienne, above right: Mikie, above bottom: Troutman. 

Russian Soccer Fans Urged to Drink Whiskey to Ward Off Swine Flu Virus (summary: drinking = good health, at least no swine flu)

Go green - go in the shower (summary: peeing in the shower makes you ecologically sensitive)

Collectible COLBERT Space Patch Sells Out (summary: this is what it takes to get America interested in Space exploration: cartoon images of Stephen Colbert. yikes.)



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