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As many of you may know, UTMB's graduation was yesterday.  It was an exciting day for many of our med-school buddies as they began a new journey as physicians but also a little bittersweet for many of us who will be sad to see them leave our Island - that so many of them have too come to love.

Yesterday was also Michael's birthday.  We've always celebrated his birthday with friends and yesterday was no exception.  Our good friend Neisha (one of those brand new physicians mentioned above) is Portland-bound today and, true to Neisha form, wanted to leave Galveston with a bang, and in her case, that's means a dance party - plain and simple.  What better place to celebrate the time we've shared with our UTMB friends than the new shop and soon-to-be future home of Nautical Antiques & Decor?  (And also ensure a nice healthy dose of "good juju" for our new beginning in a new spot at 2202 Mechanic!)




Jason Newby, the white-browed gentleman shown above, and his bride Andi are also a few days away from a new beginning.  In a week, they'll be moving to Maine where Newby's next stint in the USCG will be - burr - looks like we'll be visiting in August, eh? 

So, cheers to everyone - it's not the end of anything - it's just the beginning.

Okay, don't forget that Bud Clay Thomas's closing reception is coming up this Saturday at Artwalk/Re-Birthday extravaganza and the [Surface Tension] will end on June 2nd!  (Read all about it on Mondos' post here!)

Also, hold on to your hats because this Saturday's CHOCKED FULL of heady funness with the Re-Birth Day Celebration!  This fine event is being coordinated by the good folks of the Historic Downtown Strand Seaport (old-schoolers might know them as the DRC, or the Historic Downtown Galveston Partnership most recently!) who are constantly advocating business owners, residents and good stuff in general for downtown...  The event is sponsored by Mitchell Historic Properties (Happy Birthday Mr. George Mitchell - where would G-town be without his dedication to the Island??!?!) and will even feature tours of the fabulous Tremont House from 2-4!

Check out the entire list of activities online at but basically it starts at noon on Postoffice Street between 21st and 23rd and ends at the "Pier 21 party zone" (21st and Harborside) at 8pm.

Stay tuned for the newest official Beach Revue pics as well!!!.....

We are so excited to be getting closer every day to reopening the Nautical shop in our new location at 22nd and Mechanic Streets downtown.  The major stuff was finished on Tuesday and that meant Wednesday we were rollin' up the sleeves!may 6th, day 1 of demo.jpg

(above): Nearing the end of day 1 demo - it's pretty dirty in there! Two trips to the dump - ahem, I mean "transfer station" - and counting...  (note the brick wall in the back left...  it's days are nearing an end!)

may 7th, day 2 of demo.jpg

And today...  Trip four to the "TS" and counting....  Athough Mikie is an avid brick collector, we won't be sorry to see these go! 


Today we were invited to accompany GHF's Preservation Services Project Coordinator, known to us as Matt (aka "Team Farragher" post-Ike), on a biking tour through some of the Island's historic neighborhoods, specifically to see a number of formerly- or currently-owned GHF Revolving Fund properties and some that were involved with the Paint Pals program. 

The weather was perfect - the Historic Homes Tour (it's weekend #1 - don't worry, you can still make next weekend's tour if you missed this one!) visitors were out and about and overall, Galveston traffic was very kind to us!


Is there a particular Galveston Island home or property that YOU'D like to learn more about - perhaps atop a bicycle on a beautiful Sunday afternoon? 

We are pretty stoked. Our brother Dave and his wife Charlotte just had their first baby - yesterday! We can't wait to meet you, Ledger Wayah Culpepper! Congrats D&C! (Picture to follow!)

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