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Okay, so in 1911, air conditioning was invented and by 1936 so was the double rotor helicopter.  Wanna know something else that happened between those years?  A little thing called the Interurban... 

interurban.jpg This thing scooted Galvestonians and Houstonians back and forth along the 50 mile corridor in under 75 minutes.  Have you SEEN the traffic lately between Gtown and Houston?  You could listen to practically the entire Twilight series on cd before you make it past the Clear Lake City Blvd exit!

We need this thing back.  Well, okay, not THIS particular train, but the concept anyhow.  Some people might argue that casinos are the quick fix for Galveston.  Some people might argue that gambling would bring more negatives to the Island than would support the benefits.  All a commuter rail would bring would be MORE PEOPLE.  THAT WANT TO COME HERE.  And I'm betting that a big system like that might fetch a job or two - huh?

I'm just curious.  You all out there that visit, what do you think?  Would you ride the rail if we had one??? 


Dear HMGP,
I thought I knew you.  Apparently I did not.  You had to have Brandon Wade and Jeff Ward tell me the truth last night because you couldn't do it yourself.

From what I understand, you and your new lady, FEMA, are all hopped up on statistics and probability.  You provide no glimmer of hope to help us elevate our homes.

What I do know is that I've found someone new - Sterling Patrick and his Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.  They seem to really have a lot going for them.  I think, for those of us in historic homes, we and you, HMGP, should make a clean break and move on.  Good luck with your buy-outs since I see now that's really all you were interested in from the start.

-Historic Galveston homeowner

So, if you couldn't tell by the above letter, last night's meeting proved useless for MANY (hopefully there are some homeowners out there that can qualify and best of luck to you!) of us to use the HMGP to elevate our homes.  FEMA seems to be set on only shelling out the big $$s if they see our area as flood-prone (like if our homes flooded every 5 years or every time it rains) and if they can make it worth their while.  Since IKE was such a unique storm, FEMA is likely to not see us as a "worthwhile" investment of their elevating dollars.

Fine.  Luckily, there is another hope: federal funding through the Community Development Block Grant program.  Ah, another acronym to try and remember and learn about...  No worries - we will stay on top of CDBG issues and post them here.  Please stay tuned!

PS.  Even though its "not bloody likely" that we (East Enders) will qualify for the HMGP, we are still encouraged to apply - doesn't hurt to ask, right?  Call the public works dept at (409) 762-8873 - ALL APPLICATIONS ARE DUE MARCH 13th.

**Calling all parties interested in elevating their homes.  Please plan to attend this Wednesday's meeting at the Convention Center (San Luis) at 6:30pm.**
Learn More About the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
Attend the Community Meeting on January 14th
January 8, 2009

The City of Galveston is hosting a meeting to educate island residents about the buyout and elevation program.  This is a voluntary program administered by the State of Texas to help property owners of residential structures reduce the loss of property due to natural disasters.  At the meeting, City officials will discuss the program's eligibility criteria, process, and answer questions from attendees.

WHAT: Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Community Meeting

WHEN: Wednesday, January 14th 6:30 p.m.

WHERE: Galveston Island Convention Center at the San Luis Resort Ballroom A/B

To express your interest in participating in the City's Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, for either acquisition "buyout" or elevation resources, please contact the City of Galveston 's Public Works Department by calling (409) 797-3630.


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