KUE61st: The Name Game & the Infamous Pink

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It's official.  I'm over it.  Being pregnant that is.  And I believe the worst is about to hit because I'm now officially 30 weeks along.  Which means I still have 10 more to go.


Aside from minor edema, for the first time ever I now have heartburn (my deepest sympathies to regular sufferers - I truly had no idea).  And my hips and back hurt all the time.  What might be the worst for me: I come from a long line of hyperactive folks so facing difficulty in such mundane tasks as, uh, I don't know - moving - is a tad annoying.  Bending over?  Well, let's just say that no one wants to see that, and that it's getting close to a no-go. 


The cherry on top: I've determined that I now look like a bloated snowman.  (Mondo says I'm adorable, but he kinda has to say that).  And while channeling the stunning visage of said holiday character, did I mention, it's soooooo hhhooootttt?!


Ok, ok.  I'm done griping about my current ailments.  Now, for an interesting observation I've made over the past 30 weeks.  Folks sure are squirrelly about pregnancy and babies, and I'm not just talking about the knock-down, drag-out fights over co-sleeping vs. crying it out.  I think I can speak for both Mondo and myself when I say that you can learn a lot about people by how they react to the prospects of baby names and colors.



As many of you may have noticed, I've never mentioned names for Piglet.  There's a reason.  Because we're actually taking some great advice:  We're not telling anyone.  Actually, we haven't decided on a name, but we're also not telling anyone because opinions are like, well, you know the saying . . . everyone's got one.  We do have a list narrowed to 5 names. 


Oftentimes when people ask about names, if we say anything other than we haven't picked a name, they get defensive and sometimes angry.  (Squirrelly I tell ya).  Regardless of if we say that we don't know or that we're not sharing, we get peppered with names, "tips," and of course the list of what we should absolutely not name Piglet.  We really like all 5 of our choices, and each has a very special meaning to us, so we don't want that ruined inadvertently because "So-and-so named their Pekinese that" or "I went to high school with a so-and-so and they were a jerk." 


Mainly, we think the minute we see Piglet, we'll know the right name.  I'll give a hint though:  none of the 5 are in the top 300 names for 2009.  (Disclaimer:  for Piglet relatives who do know the 5 names in consideration, a reminder that you swore an oath).

The Pink Nightmare

While I'm not planning on sharing names, as promised, I will post pictures of the nursery and bedding very soon.  It's just not finished yet.  Here's what I can tell you about both the nursery and Piglet's future attire: there will be limited to zero pink.  Seriously.  Some of you may not be too shocked as I alluded to this before, and we're sticking to it. 


Before folks start going postal, here's the deal:  We don't hate pink.  We're just not fans.  And we certainly don't hate your pink.  We just don't really "do" pink at casa de Mondo.  Ok, ok, so I also bristle at the rapidly increasing commercialization of gender.  (Anyone seen the pink toy vacuum cleaner?  Saw it at our Target recently. For reals). 


Mostly, we just don't like pink.  If at some point Piglet goes gaga for pink, so be it.  For now, she won't know the difference.


For all of our dear friends and family who are overwrought with fear, doubt, and sheer sorrow that we don't want to go all pink princess for Piglet.  Have no fear.   


Historically, pink was the color for boys until roughly - get this- the 1940's!  Apparently pink was all boy back in the day because it was related to the color red, a more masculine, active color.  So, blue was for girls, a more subdued color and related to the Virgin Mary.  I got a good chuckle thinking of some of Gtown's historical grand figures decked out in pink.  (Think Colonel Moody or Ike Kempner).


Oh yeah, and both boys and girls wore dresses back in the day too.  So, she'll be fine.  Pinky swear.


We're not totally militant about it though.  You'll see.  There will be some pink in the nursery. 


I'm quite certain that even if strangers mistake her for a boy because we have not donned her in a hot pink, bedazzled princess fedora, she'll get over it.  I did.  I was pretty much bald until I was three and was clothed in a whole range of hues.


Besides, this is Galveston.  Land of the eccentric.  The accepted.  The avant-garde.  And if Gail Borden could ride around town on a pet bull, then I think we can handle a Piglet without pink.



I'm seriously thinking of bringing dresses back for dudes. Much cooler this time of year, even...

A little breeze under the skirt would be nice.

Ironically piglet- that is poohs piglet- is pink AND a boy. and uh dresses are indeedy awesome. Yup wear them every chance I get.

Ha-ha! Heather, I totally get the irony. I've thought it funny since Kevin started calling her Piglet b/c I thought of Pooh's Piglet immediately. And while I hated dresses as a little girl and even into adulthood, I've found I absolutely love them while pregnant. :)

I enjoy reading your posts.

Your right. It really doesn't matter what you dress your Piglet in. My son was decked out all in blue once (I don't make that a habit, usually I just pick up the 1st clean onsie) and I was still asked if he was a boy... I don't know if people use that as a conversation starter or what? So dress in pink, blue, brown, purple whatever, the question will most certainly be asked...

Our nursery, if I ever get to it, is nuetral... Browns and such, but that's mainly for cost effectiveness, in case we have more kids... Now will my child be confused as to whether he is a boy just because he is not surrounded in blue? I was surrounded in the most ugly 70's colored green room UNTIL I GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL!! And I never onced asked if I was a boy...

Have a great day, can't wait til your next post!


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