If you’ve ever visited Galveston Island, you’ve felt the magnetic crawl that keeps you coming back. It’s a unique place that breeds attitude and eccentricity from its historic homes and downtown to the Seawall and its colorful characters. An island in every sense of the word, Galveston has survived and re-imagined herself time and again through the passion and ingenuity (and sometimes delusion) of its inhabitants.

Capitalizing on a kooky sense of wit and wisdom and some forgotten facts, Islander By Choice is a local company dedicated to promoting Galveston pride, living locally, and the spirit of the Island. What began as local friends joking in a shop one summer launched into an Island business promoting Island-inspired apparel, a website targeting Island living, and the resurrection of some of the best family-oriented events that made this Island legendary.

For more information on IBC’s around the Island, please visit www.ibcgalveston.com. Adrienne and Michael Culpepper, Lauren and Kevin Scott, and Will Wright joined together to start the Galveston business which was launched on the 4th of July, 2008.