This year’s Mostyn Law Firm Galveston Island Beach Revue was, simply, the best yet. It’s easy for us to say that every year when everyone comes out and supports the event with as much interest and excitement as they do. To give a few highlights though; we had our best attendance to date, hit our maximum allowed entries two weeks before the event, welcomed so many of you all downtown to see The Gourds and John Evans and sold the heck out of some fun merchandise. All that to say, thanks to all of you for coming out, friending us on facebook (our numbers have been through the roof!) and spreading the word on this event. We love it, you all love it and we look forward to its continued growth.

A few months ago, Family Service Center interviewed Ms. Dorothy Weaver for its Digital Storytelling program. Dorothy is 95, was raised here on the Island and grew up watching the Bathing Beauties Contests. In her interview, she spoke about how colorful the swimsuits were. I’d never looked at those early photos and considered just how colorful they would have been to see with your own two eyes. Where history gave us a beautiful sepia tone photo, the actuality of that day gave Ms. Weaver almost every color in the spectrum. Her story is below and well worth your time.

When we first started talking about this event a few years back, we all had seen the original panoramics from the 20′s and 30′s. They’ve been an inspiration to us on our event and we love that each year, we can take a photo of the Bathing Beauties against the Seawall or sea just like they did almost 100 years ago. For a town so steeped in history, being able to continue that today is special to us and, obviously, for you all too.

We look forward to next year’s event and setting the stage for another group of Bathing Beauties to take their place in the history books and the memories of another generation.

A few post article notes:

1. This year was our first to work with a charitable partner and something we’ll continue again in 2013 with Family Service Center of Galveston County. We’ll be announcing in the next few weeks our final donation to them. Putting on this event and being able to make a donation to this group is important to us and we could not have done that without everyone’s attendance, sponsorship and support. You can learn more about our partnership and this organization on the Beach Revue web site.

2. I’d be remiss in stating that the Beach Revue site also has been updated with all of our 2012 winners, contestants and current info. We’ll be updating it all year long so keep checking it for your Beach Revue news.

3. The panoramics! Although this article is not a thinly veiled pitch to get you to buy our panoramics (I swear!) we do have them for sale in our store. Color and sepia of each year since 2009. They look great and would look great on your wall.



Will Wright was raised in the rough and tumble outlaw lands of West Texas (Canyon to be specific) and moved to Galveston in the summer of 2006. Aside from being completely unfamiliar with anything regarding large bodies of water, fishing or even possessing a proficient ability to swim (boy can he float though!) he none the less became attracted to Galveston and all the history, design, people and uniqueness it entails. Will is the Creative Director and owner of Willthing, a graphic design and Web site development company, co-owner of Islander By Choice, LLC and the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Galveston Historical Foundation.

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