TWELVE Cameras, TWELVE Galvestonians, ENDLESS Possibilities

This Saturday, while you’re at artwalk, make sure you come down to Edna’s room at the Grand Opera House for the 2012 showing of TWELVE.  If you didn’t make it to last year’s event, it was a great success and raised money for St. Vincent’s House.

TWELVE is a local art initiative that is inclusive of Galvestonians from all backgrounds and socioeconomic sectors.  The idea is to choose 12 very different people, set them all up with the same camera, and send them out to capture Galveston on a roll of film.  The artist / photographer will choose one of his or her images to go on display for the public showing.  These framed prints will then be auctioned off and the proceeds go to a local charity.

It sounds easy to go out and take some pictures of this wonderful town we love.  But really think about it.  What images you choose to represent “your” Galveston?  Would you go to the nursery at UTMB? Kempner Park? Your friend’s backyard? Would you take shots of carved stone monuments or oleanders or historic buildings?  After thinking about it for 15 minutes and realizing that the possibilities are endless, I’m not sure what I would do with my film.

That’s what makes the project so interesting.  We all have our own preconceived ideas of what our community is and looks like.  It makes me really excited to see what the 12 different peoples’ ideas were; and what those selections say about each of them.  And each of us.

Here are some shots from last years event.  Go to to see more of last years pictures.

















This year’s beneficiary is Gulf Pride for Youth (  They work toward the goal of having a community where all youth have the same opportunities regardless of sexual orientation.



Michael, a Galveston resident of 13 years, is the co-owner of Nautical Antiques downtown. He serves on the Galveston Landmark Commission and is a board member of the Galveston Seafarers Center. He also enjoys pickled eggs.

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