A sampling of the crowd prior to departure.








I think Galveston’s Barcycle might be one of the Islands best kept secrets. Given the past few years though, it might not be that much of a secret after all.

For years now, the Sunday before St. Patty’s day has been reserved for Barcycle. The day when people gather via bike or trike or golfcart or tandem or…you get the picture.  The rules have always been simple, you show up at O’mallys at noon (or earlier if need be) and prepare for a afternoon of riding your bike through the streets of Galveston stopping at some of the Islands best (and a few of the more unknown) watering holes.

Although I’m not sure when it started or who started it, as long as I’ve been a part of it there’s been Mitzi at the helm. Thanks to her work, I’ve ended up with one scar, lost my favorite scarf to a duo of leprechauns and was the proud recipient of a slight headache on the following Monday a few times. Every year though, regardless of weather, I had a blast. Numbers were well over 250 in attendance last year and I don’t see that growth slowing down.

Mitzi has put together a heck of a route this year and I hope when you see her you give her a tip of the bowler and a hearty Happy Birthday (arguably she’s having the best birthday party of the year). Mitzi asked us to help spread the word on the event this year, so without further ado, please join us as we take to the streets!


* Meet at noon at O’Mally’s Stage Door Pub, from there we’ll travel to:
* Sandy’s Country Store
* Molly’s / Old Cellar Bar
* Bobbies House of Spirits
* Murphy’s Irish Pub
* Yaga’s Cafe / Tsunami Exotic Tequila Emporium
* Contender Sports Bar / Brews Brothers / Crows
* Press Box / Loading Dock / 3rd Coast (award to be given at Press Box for most dedicated Barcycle…er?)

It’s a full day, but worth every bit of it.

Now for the “I hope she doesn’t regret this” portion of the story. Mitzi has asked if I’d be willing to lead the revelers from stop to stop. Although others have said it’s because I own the bullhorn, I really think it’s my red beard and rich Irish heritage that qualified me. I’m calling it “Parade Marshall”. Everyone else will probably call it “Enough of that.”

In either case though, come say hi and get ready for one fantastic afternoon!



Will Wright was raised in the rough and tumble outlaw lands of West Texas (Canyon to be specific) and moved to Galveston in the summer of 2006. Aside from being completely unfamiliar with anything regarding large bodies of water, fishing or even possessing a proficient ability to swim (boy can he float though!) he none the less became attracted to Galveston and all the history, design, people and uniqueness it entails. Will is the Creative Director and owner of Willthing, a graphic design and Web site development company, co-owner of Islander By Choice, LLC and the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Galveston Historical Foundation.

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