Prepare to be boarded!

We’ve been meaning to check out the new “Pirates! Legends of the Gulf Coast“ that recently opened on The Strand – partly because some of the decor in there is from our shop and it’s fun for us to see this stuff out in the “real world” but also because we love that there’s always something fun to do on this Island and we like being tourists in our own town.  So Friday after work (they’re open til 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays in the off season) we hustled over there and gave it a whirl.

Bottom line: we loved it.  From a construction/building/artistic perspective, this place is amazing.  They built almost an entire pirate ship inside a downtown building and it truly does look every bit of an old old wooden ship (not named “Diversity”…  Anchor Man fans out there?!).  It’s got rigging, masts, CANNONS, and even authentically creaky planks.  One of my favorite creative features on the ship – but I won’t spoil it here - is the Captain’s Cabin.   It kinda made us wish we had brought along a cup of grog and break out in the “A Pirate’s Life For Me” shanty, but I’ll admit I got a little woozy.  (the teacup ride at Disney World does the same thing to me)

Michael was even held hostage at one point by our charming guide “Vinny”.  (Yes, he’s from New York)

Michael gets held hostage

Michael's held for ransom

This place has something for the whole family – there’s lots to read (we had to skim as we were on a time crunch to make a poker game) so for the adults or linguaphiles (is that how you spell that?) of the group, the information is great.  There’s plenty of cool stuff to just look at for the kiddos and for the teenage girls there’s even a room dedicated to Pirates of Hollywood with a full-size cutout of Captain Jack Sparrow.  Yul Brynner’s jacket from The Buccaneer is on display as well for those slightly more mature  teenage ladies.

Arrghnyway, check ‘em out sometime – adults get in for $10/each, kids aged 5-13 for $6.75, kids under 5 are admitted free and they’re open Thursday – Monday.



Adrienne has been an IBC since 1998 when she came to Galveston to attend Texas A&M. Together with her husband and chocolate lab, she owns and operates Nautical Antiques & Tropical Decor (better known by the website address as the shop!). She's also an ordained minister!

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