Hey IBCers, check out the volunteer opportunity below.  Gtown’s own Family Service Center’s Community Support Services program is seeking volunteers to help some of our fellow locals, older adults who are moving into new housing.  This effort is being spearheaded by fellow IBC and friend, Holly McManus.


What: Adopt a Resident

Volunteers are needed for the second round of moves Mid-March (see details below) to help older adults and persons with disabilities living at the Galveston Housing Authority’s Holland House Apartments move to freshly renovated units at Gulf Breeze. GHA is working with Family Service Center’s Community Support Services program to bring together small groups of volunteers to “adopt” a resident for the move or to assist with the move in some other manner. Holly is seeking help from individuals and organizations who may be able to assist.  Can’t help?  Please pass along the word to those who may be able to help.


Why are they Moving?

Holly says, “This move is necessary so that GHA can make much needed renovations to Holland House. GHA is doing all that it can to make this move easier for residents by providing packing materials, movers and transportation on moving day. Many of those relocating from Holland House are individuals with physical limitations, and while some residents have family and friends to assist them, many do not. Volunteers are needed, however, to help those residents without family or friends nearby with packing and getting settled into their new apartments. Moving, for anyone, is physically and emotionally challenging and stressful – there is SO much involved in the process!!! The stress involved in moving is even more so as we age, or have limited physical abilities.”


When? And What Can We Do?

The actual moves from Holland House to Gulf Breeze will occur over the course of two weeks in March, with several residents relocating on each of the scheduled move days.


The second round of moves will begin on Monday, March 14th – several residents will be moved each day through Friday, March 18th.  ( The first moves happened March 3rd March 4th).  Thus far 25 residents moving the week of March 14th have requested volunteer assistance with packing for the move and unpacking once in their new apartments. The number of volunteers needed to assist residents will vary depending upon the individual’s abilities, available supports and amount of belongings. 


Small groups of volunteers will be needed:

·        March 7th-13th to help residents pack for the moves occurring the following week, and

·        March 14th-18th (and possibly into the weekend) to help residents with remaining packing needs as well as getting settled into their new homes.


If you or your friends, organization, civic, church or other group would like to help residents of Holland House please contact Holly McManus, LCSW at hmcmanus@fscgal.org or (409) 392-6078 regarding which days, how much time and/or in what capacity you would like to offer assistance. (examples: packing, un-packing, coordinating volunteer groups).




Lauren Scott moved to the Island with Mondo to find their dream house and a life worth living. They found both. For a while she was insane: she drove 100 miles a day for work in Houston for three years. Now she lives and works on the Island with Mondo and their BOI, the GB. Her favorite activities include enjoying their renovated casa, reading, talking, and volunteering (because post-baby, this is a luxury). Oh. And she still drinks way too much coffee. And she did quit smoking. And now goes to the gym religiously.

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