It has been an insane whirlwind since, well, I guess since IBC announced that we were resurrecting Galveston’s legendary Bathing Beauties contest back months ago.  The last couple of days have been no different!

So, back to the rest of the Island now . . . 

We mentioned in an earlier post that we were invited to the Pachyderm Club to talk about IBC bringing back the Beach Revue.  The coolest part  - aside from meeting some really nice folks and the ginormous Bathing Beauties panoramic when you walk in – was getting to meet a couple of the Ball High School students & the teacher who created the Ike documentary


Aside from getting all mush-faced watching the documentary preview again (I so cried watching it the first time), we at IBC were so honored to meet these guys.  They are incredible people, Islanders, and brilliant to boot!  Seriously, Ball HS gets no props! 

Aside from buying an ad in the movie premiere brochure, IBC decided to donate a portion of the Bathing Beauty proceeds to this endeavor.  You know why? 

Because this project rocks.  The students rock.  Mr. Weiss rocks.  Our Island rocks.  The message of the film is about hope – and that rocks.  They are trying to go to The Big Apple and get on some talk shows.  Oh, and they are submitting this puppy into a bunch of film festivals.  Sweet Action!!!  

And all of us here at IBC love our Island and support all people getting involved in our community – particularly young people. 

So, tomorrow, we hope to see all of you at the world premiere!

Tomorrow, Thursday May 21, 2009, Islander By Choice  - and probably as much of the Island that can fit in The Grand 1894 Opera House - will watch the world premiere of Ike: A Documentary The Story of a Torn City Rebuilt by Everyday Heroes!  BYOH (Bring Your Own Hanky).

In case you haven’t been witness to their insane media coverage (hurrah!), the documentary was done by some of Gtown’s own Ball High School students and their teacher, Robert Weiss!  For full bios on these phenomenally talented and incredible human beings – visit the website and read “Our Story.”



Lauren Scott moved to the Island with Mondo to find their dream house and a life worth living. They found both. For a while she was insane: she drove 100 miles a day for work in Houston for three years. Now she lives and works on the Island with Mondo and their BOI, the GB. Her favorite activities include enjoying their renovated casa, reading, talking, and volunteering (because post-baby, this is a luxury). Oh. And she still drinks way too much coffee. And she did quit smoking. And now goes to the gym religiously.

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