One of my secret passions (probably not so secret to Mondo and friends) is my passion for art.  I’m far from any kind of expert, I just grew up with a mom with an art degree who revisited water coloring infrequently but found art in everyday life and encouraged me and my bros to express ourselves through art.  All I wanted to be when I grew up was an artist – a painter to be specific.  Alas, I did not get that gene from the great family pool. 

So, I’m an admirer and a consumer instead.  And, dude, I’m a girl who likes what she likes.  Maybe some of the stuff nailed to my walls isn’t noteworthy, but in the Mondo household, we buy what moves us.  As long as it keeps me interested in some way – even if it is disturbing – I’m on board.  ‘Cause I want stuff that not only moves me in some form or fashion but makes me think – challenges me as well as inspires me.  And, admittedly, a little irony goes a long way too.

So this is why I’m working on these local artist features.  I also really like the modern art scene here.  Sorry folks, I’m not too keen on coastal art (also not a secret to friends and family). Ok, if the artwork on display is like the paintings from a home on GHF’s Homes Tour last summer – I’ll buy!  (It rocked – oil paintings with goat heads on seagulls).

I want you guys to check out these artists.  Some of them have never publicly shown their art here on the Island.  Some have hung these personal passions intermittently on local gallery walls.  And others are new and/or opening or re-opening studio and gallery spaces.

Hey IBCers – give our local artists some support!  Come check them out and talk to them.  Guarantee it won’t be a boring time, and I for one, love folks who have something interesting to contribute to the conversation.



Lauren Scott moved to the Island with Mondo to find their dream house and a life worth living. They found both. For a while she was insane: she drove 100 miles a day for work in Houston for three years. Now she lives and works on the Island with Mondo and their BOI, the GB. Her favorite activities include enjoying their renovated casa, reading, talking, and volunteering (because post-baby, this is a luxury). Oh. And she still drinks way too much coffee. And she did quit smoking. And now goes to the gym religiously.

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