Helpful Links

Got to this website to get aerial shots of the Island to assess roof damage (at least as close as you can get).  Also George Hannie sent this link as well.

Here’s George’s (which may be the same, haven’t checked):

FEMA Information:


Also, for GHF: they are operating out of Preservation Texas in Austin.

Check National Trust for Historic Preservation for updates on historic landmarks, structures, etc. and to send folks interested in volunteering once big clean-up happens, they can sign up on the this site.



Lauren Scott moved to the Island with Mondo to find their dream house and a life worth living. They found both. For a while she was insane: she drove 100 miles a day for work in Houston for three years. Now she lives and works on the Island with Mondo and their BOI, the GB. Her favorite activities include enjoying their renovated casa, reading, talking, and volunteering (because post-baby, this is a luxury). Oh. And she still drinks way too much coffee. And she did quit smoking. And now goes to the gym religiously.

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